What Are Sweatshops?

Sweatshops are factories where workers work long hours under poor conditions, and for very low wages. On average workers make between $0.44 to $0.55 an hour and work almost 18hour days. Resulting in many families children to also work in these sweatshops in order to pay for food, water and a place to sleep.

What is Fair-Trade?

It's the trading between companies and developing countries factories, in which proper working conditions and pay are fairly distributed to the people who work at these sweatshops.

Our Solution

As most of the world's designer clothing brands are manufactured in sweatshops, we fight to change the fashion industry #4Good! Starts with our supplier and manufacturer.

Our entire value chain is on Canadian Soil. Our supplier upholds being ethical and socially responsible in the uttermost most importance of doing business as does V NINETY-THREE.

The supplier manufactures apparel onsite in Ontario, meaning reduced transport and emissions. The knitting, Dyeing, Cutting, and Sewing is done using waste reducing techniques and nontoxic material. All while paying fair wages, good working conditions, and benefits for staff. Per their sustainability report, they are a green company by design certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard.

We are proud that they will help us in changing lives, 1 dope shirt at a time.